Living COmmunities

What is a Living Community?

Living Communities are part of a family of house churches under the leadership of and commitment to Living Church.   Our church structure is unique in that we start with living communities as our initial connection point and primary focus.  As Living Communities grow, the need for a regular corporate gathering arises.  When someone is a part of a Living Community they will easily recognize four main practices being lived out within their house church unit.

The Four Practices of a Living Community

-Share The Word

-Share Life

-Share Mission

-Share Sending

In Living Communities a smaller number of people get together to share a meal, discuss and study God's word, serve within their communities alongside one another, and expand the kingdom via additional Living Community house churches; all accomplished under the care of a Living Community Pastor.  We believe that our strategic use of Living Communities and Sunday Gatherings mimic the 1st Century Church model.  As we read through Christ's teachings in the Gospels, examine the record in the book of Acts, and then further corroborate these findings throughout the remainder of the New Testament Epistles we see that this specific structure is impactful and effective in reaching people and sustaining life-changing relationships.

If you'd like to get involved with a Living Community, check out our community list and contact one of our LC pastors to learn more!