THE LIVING ROOM | a network

The LIVING ROOM is a ministry of Living Church helping to network and equip organic/house church leaders and churches from all over the world in making disciples of Jesus intent on living the everyday missionary life, reaching cities around the world with the gospel through the multiplication of organic/house church movements.

The LIVING ROOM is a network existing to encourage and equip organic/house church leaders and churches through relationships, conversation, celebration, coaching, everyday neighborhood missionary training, shared resources, and accountability. 

The LIVING ROOM network exists because the global organic church is better together. Together we better pierce the darkness of sin, shine more brightly the light of the gospel and glory of Christ, and bring greater Kingdom advancement locally, regionally, and globally. 

WHO'S IN THE LIVING ROOM? The LIVING ROOM currently meets monthly via Zoom and includes church leaders from cities in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Louisiana, and Nepal.  If you'd like to learn more about The Living Room Network, email Mark at