We're so glad you've decided to check out Living Church (or LC as we affectionately call it). As you browse, you'll learn a lot more about who we are and the different things that we do. Regardless of what we're doing on any given day, you'll always see a common thread running through everything. It all comes down to three things...

Knowing Christ.

Living Christ.

Making Christ Known.

Who are we? Living Church is a family of house church communities who meet regularly around Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky to grow and learn how to follow Jesus together. We see ourselves kind of like a 1st century church for the 21st century. 

What are we about?  Making Disciples of Jesus. What's that mean? It means we believe Jesus is the hope hearts are longing for, so we're about helping you discover and live your purpose in getting to know Him, grow in Him, and make Him known. This is our mission. We believe our family of house churches and Sunday gathering provide the opportunity for this mission to become reality.

What else are we about? Multiplying house church communities. We believe God has given us a 1st century-like vision to see house churches multiplying throughout our city and around the world. Why? Because we believe Jesus is the hope for our city and world, and we believe the brokenness in our city and world is redeemed, and hope is restored as people come into a living relationship with Him. To see this happen we must be about saturating our city with the good news and hope of Jesus. How do we do that? By house church communities multiplying into every neighborhood, community, city, and beyond bringing this good news and hope. This is our vision. 

When do we gather? We gather throughout the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area during the week in our House Church communities. We also gather together as a family of House Church communities every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. rotating between two locations: Miami Valley Christian Academy in Cincinnati and Independence, KY at 5228 Madison Pike. 

For directions to the Sunday Gathering in Cincinnati click here

For directions to the Sunday Gathering in Independence, KY click here.

Whether you're already part of our family or this is your very first time connecting with us, we'd love to hear from you! Feel free to drop us a line!

Though you can learn and do a lot on the internet these days, we really believe that church is all about people. It's about face to face interactions, sharing joys and struggles, and living daily life together. So, use this website as a resource to learn more, but also make plans to join us at one of our House Church communities, or Sunday Gatherings... or both! We'd love to meet you!